iFuSE: A program close to our hearts and minds

Today, we live in a world that is polluted on the ground and in the air, which is potentially causing climate change that could affect every human being.  Change must be effected, but who will take on this responsibility?  Unfortunately, as the baby boomers age and retire they will be less involved in innovation that can positively affect the future.  This daunting task will be left up to the next generation.

We at JH Technologies believe that brilliant scientists and engineers will be the architects of the innovation that will affect our world's future. These scientists and engineers are our children today.  If they have the tools to inspire them at an early age, they will be more likely to pursue careers in science.  Ultimately these future scientists and engineers will drive the innovation that will create the changes needed to improve the quality of life here on earth.
At the end of the 20th century, the United States, with 5% of the world's population, was maintaining a 35% to 45% share of the world's scientific and engineering activity.  In 2001 the European Union graduated 50% more PhD's in science and engineering than did the United States, and it is on track to double the number of graduates by 2010.  As other countries become more competitive in knowledge, production, and its' application to the economy, the United States will lose its competitive edge.  The nature of the world economy will mean that research and development opportunities will move to other countries more rapidly, another reason our economy could suffer in the future.

In 1966, 71 percent of PhD graduates were U.S. born males, 6 percent were U.S. born females, and 23 percent were foreign born.  In 2000, 36 percent of graduates were U. S. born males, 25 percent were U. S. born females, and 39 percent were foreign-born.  The ability of the United States to attract highly-able foreign-born students and immigrant scientists and engineers reflects on the excellence of U. S. higher education.  While progress is being made in primary education, many challenges still remain.  The question is: "What Can We Do?"

We at JH Technologies believe that we can contribute in a significant way through our 'iFuSE' program.  'iFuSe' is our way to 'Inspire Future Scientific Exploration'.  As our economy falters and creates even greater funding shortfalls, equipment for schools becomes more difficult, if not impossible, to acquire.  How can we expect to train scientists without the tools required for training?  JH Technologies has a undertaken a corporate initiative that will make use of our knowledge, expertise, and our social and business networks to create a program which will put scientific tools into the hands of our future scientists.

The purpose of our 'iFuSE' program is to provide tools to those people and institutions that will be teaching/training our scientists of the future.  The tools will primarily consist of microscopes and accessories, one of the most widely used tools of basic scientific study. JH Technologies will take the responsibility of gathering new, used and/or broken microscopes, repairing them, and distributing them to organizations that focus on educating our children in grades K -12. These microscopes will be donated to qualifying schools and teaching organizations.

The success of this program depends upon the active participation and support of our customers and suppliers. Through a grass roots program, we will be utilizing our various resources to identify potential donors and recipients, including teachers and organizations that can use microscopes in their teaching curriculums and donors that can provide microscopes and accessories that match these needs.

We are looking for companies, research and development organizations, colleges, universities and individuals who are willing to donate their surplus equipment.  We will repair it and make it useful to a child interested in science.  Donors can also sponsor 'iFuSE' with new equipment donations.  Please note that donated equipment is never resold and is used solely to support the program.

In order to qualify as a recipient, you must fill out and submit a Recipient Qualification Application.  Once you have qualified for the program, you will be notified when equipment suiting your specific needs becomes available. We have also put together a presentation to help you share what the iFuSE program is about: iFuSE Presentation