Leica A60

  • FusionOptics™ – greater depth of field, easier handling, less refocusing, all lead to enormous time savings
  • LED Ringlight – provides over 20 years of bright, LED illumination which saves time and the cost of replacement bulbs
  • Long Working Distance - 122mm of access to the workpiece for easier handling using tools
  • Large Field of View - 46 mm in the object field which requires less repositioning of the part for more time savings

The Leica A60 stereo microscope system is configured for all industrial inspection, assembly and quality control tasks.

This extremely helpful tool makes your inspection and rework of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the electronics industry much easier. The Leica A60 S optimizes productivity and quality in the manufacture of medical technology products (hearing aids, cardiac pacemakers, catheters etc.).

Compared to conventional stereomicroscopes, the Leica A60 gives you 100% more depth of field. The energy-saving LED illuminator makes lamp replacement unnecessary, lowers operating costs and protects your eyes with the diffuser.

  1. Eagle eye in the millimeter range

    100% greater depth of field with the Leica FusionOptics™ technology – easier handling, less refocusing, enormous time savings

  2. The best illumination for every application

    LED ring illuminator with removable diffuser - bright, uniform and color-neutral. Less reflection for shiny workpieces makes work pleasant

  3. Handling of large samples

    Swing-arm stand or flexible arm stand for large, recurring specimens

  4. More room for work

    Working distance of 122 mm - optimum access to the workpiece and easier handling using tools

  5. Large object field for maximum overview

    Object field size of 46 mm - ideal for production and sorting tasks