Lesco Super Spot MAX and MAX HP

  • 100W and 200W Systems
  • Closed Loop Feedback at both 100W and 200W levels
  • Works with any radiometer
  • Machine or Process Integration Capable
  • Class 100 Clean room capable
  • User interchangeable filters

The Super Spot MAX from Lesco offers the process engineer tremendous control and monitoring from both local and remote monitoring locations. It is ideal for any spot curing application where high UV intensity at highest regulation is required for process speed improvement, regulatory compliance, and superior cure strength. It is perfect for curing adhesives, coatings, inks, and other UV curable materials where physical location and cure area dictate the use of a discrete fiber optic UV delivery system.

Featuring a membrane front panel and a powerful RS485 serial interface, it allows access to every parameter of the process from the shop floor or the supervisor's desk. It's powerful but user-friendly DataMax™ software creates records of every cure cycle, keeping them in its built-in memory until downloaded and reset. Simple alphanumeric commands add to the ultra flexible serial interface capabilities. The Super Spot MAX also features a proprietary Optical Feedback system that insures uniform output irradiance and optimal process validation.

The Super Spot MAX HP (High Power) is built on the same hardware and software platforms as the Super Spot MAX, however, it is designed to deliver the most extreme UV and visible spot area energy and intensity ever achieved. The Super Spot MAX HP is recommended for very high speed process lines and specialty applications that require either extreme intensity or split second cure times with superior cure strength. It is particularly useful for full-automated applications. Because of the extreme intensity, we only recommend the use of FibreFire™ fiber optic UV delivery systems with the Super Spot MAX HP.

  • Super Spot MAX
  • UVA Peak (@315-400nm) 25,000 mW/cm^2
  • UVA Rated (@315-400nm) 20,000 mW/cm^2
  • Total Intensity (UVA, B, C, V) 30,000+ mW/cm^2
  • Super Spot MAX HP
  • UVA Peak (@315-400nm) 30,000 mW/cm^2
  • UVA Rated (@315-400nm) 25,000 mW/cm^2
  • Total Intensity (UVA, B, C, V) 45,000+ mW/cm^2