Verify UV Intensity Meter

  • 1MW/CM2 to 20W/CM2 Range
  • Lightguide Tip and Site Cure Measurement Capable
  • Works with Lesco and most other vendors spot cure systems

The Verify meter meets all the requirements of IEC, UL, and CSA. The measurement range is from 1.00mw/cm2 to 19.999 W/cm2 (20W/cm2) in two scale positions. The peak switch allows measuring and holding the maximum reading that the probe encounters. Probe wavelengths from 220nm to the visible range are available.

  • Lightguide tip and Area cure measurement capable
  • Light measurement range from 1.00 MW/CM2 to 19.999 W/CM2 (20MW/CM2) in two scale positions
  • 9V Battery Operation