Diamet Hardware Testing

  • DiaMet software, Hardness testing made easy.
  • Expert Control & Evaluation Software
  • Flexible UI
  • DiaMet - Automation Packages
  • Weld Testing
  • Color Mapping
  • Geometric Functions
  • Clear & Touch Optimized
  • Versatile
  • Perfect with windows 10
  • Hardness Mapping
  • Specimen detection & templates
  • Graphical Pattern Editor
  • Pattern Video Overlay
  • Macro View with Navigation Map
  • Auto-illumination, Auto-focus, Auto-Measurement

DiaMet is designed with your application and ease of use in mind. Often a high level of Automation comes with a high level of complexity, both in set-up and in operation

DiaMet hardness testing software breaks with that convention and focuses on a fast and simple operation of your hardness test job to satisfy the needs of low trained operators, while maintaining the flexibility and high level of features required by expert users

  • DiaMet is optimized for evaluating Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell and Knoop measurements according to ISO 6506, ISO 6507, ISO 6508, ISO 4545 and ASTM E384, ASTM E92, ASTM E10 and ASTM E18
  • Flexible UI, Use the functions you need – fully configurable
  • State-of-the-art algorithms ensure auto-measure, illumination and focus
  • Automatically test and measure indentations, as well as set up and run automatic testing sequences and generate reports through export of data with minimal operator interaction
  • Weld testing has never been easier. Use the intuitive weld pattern generator in the program section and align your pattern on each weld section within seconds
  • Mapping gives an indication of the hardness distribution across a region of interest. Especially helpful for surface treated materials
  • Basic measurements support you across the board of hardness testing. Make simple length or angle measurements, circle or area calculations with our geometry tool
  • DiaMet is optimized for evaluating Macro-Vickers, Micro-Vickers, Knoop and Brinell indents according to ISO 6507, ISO 4545, ASTM E384, ISO 6506 and ASTM E10 standards. A standard DiaMet feature is an automatic symmetry calculation for both Knoop and Vickers. This extra validation, with clear visual indication, helps to ensure the results conform to standards
  • DiaMet is designed for operation under Windows 10 and can interface with Office spreadsheet applications
  • Create a Hardness map of any cross section using thousands of indents and a user-defined color scale to unveil never disclosed hardness information of your samples
  • Store a combination of multiple patterns as a template, allowing DiaMet to position them for you the next time your need to test a same type of part
  • The DiaMet™ pattern editor allows the user to create any number of patterns with a large number of variables.
  • DiaMet shows the operator where the indents will be made, even before the actual indent process takes place. The pattern video overlay function helps whilst positioning multiple test rows all across the specimen. The pattern video overlay scales automatically with every magnification, even within the macroview
  • Using the macro view function, it’s possible to create a composite image of the specimen. The shape and size of the specimen is irrelevant, since the DiaMet software can scan any area within stage limits
  • Repeatable, repeatable, repeatable; the DiaMet automatic illumination adjusts to the correct illumination level on what ever sample, and where ever on the sample. Independent from material (steels, tool steel, carbides, coatings).
  • Observe how the software finds focus from a distance as far as 30mm or more. Enjoy the shear AF-speed when focusing at close range. The Diamet™ Autofocus algorithm sets new standards.
  • Manual positioning of filar-lines is no longer required with this refined measurement algorithm. Stay in control, and adjust the measurements by manipulating the filar lines. The manual measure mode is designed used by touch and/or mouse. An automatic indent symmetry check for Vickers and Knoop can be enabled on demand.

Diamet Overview & Scanning            Diamet Automatic Positioning                    


Diamet Specimen Navigation      Diamet Weld Testing using Vickers Hardness scale      


Diamet Demo at Control 2018


DiaMet Automation Software Specifications
Software VersionWilson® DiaMet™
Hardness ScalesRockwell, Vickers, Knoop & Brinell (depending on machine configuration)
Compatible HardwareWilson VH3100, Wilson VH3300*, VH1202, VH1150 & UH250 (*introduction in 2015)
FocusAutomatic Focus, with manual override option
IlluminationAutomatic Illumination, with manual override option
MeasurementManual or Automatic Indent Measurement
Stage ControlAuto traversing for various patterns: CHD, line, circle, matrix and others
Overview scan & stitchOnly in combination with overview optics
Data exportPrinter, PDF, Excel

Wilson VH 1102 & 1202                    Wilson UH250                   


Wilson VH1150                                 Wilson VH3100                   


Wilson VH3300                    Wilson Vickers & Knoop Test Blocks