Leica LAS Application Suite

  • Integrates microscopes, digital cameras and application software to simplify imaging tasks
  • Automates the digital-microphotography environment through the computerised features of the Leica DM microscopes
  • A single application for acquiring, storing, annotating and displaying images in a thumbnail gallery

The new Leica Application Suite integrates Leica automated microscopes, digital cameras and software into one common environment to provide an easy to use and consistent platform.

Leica Application Suite solves and accelerates routine and research analysis and the rich image processing functions make it suitable for a diverse range of imaging tasks such as visualisation, enhancement, measurements and documentation. Additional modules can be to LAS Core to further enhance the powerful functionality of LAS such as Image Overlay, MultiFocus and Reticule requirements.

LAS User Interface       Capture Image Resolution    Capture Location    Browsing Images

LAS User Interface                    Capture Image Resolution                  Capture Location           Browsing and Viewing Images  

 Dual Image Viewer         Caliberating Images         Confirming Image Caliberation

Dual Image Viewer                          Caliberating Images                           Confirming Image Caliberation

 Automation process         Annotating Image         Stitching Images         High Dynamic Range

 Automating Process                    LAS Annotation              Stiching Images               Stiching Images