Lumen Dynamics X-CITE 120LED

  • High power, broad-spectrum fluorescence excitation
  • Exceptional field uniformity at the specimen
  • Instant ON/OFF without mechanical shuttering
  • Ergonomic manual controller and built-in USB interface
  • Long-life, zero maintenance technology
  • Quiet, vibration-free thermal management

The X-Cite® 120LED is a modular high intensity LED microscope light source designed to maximize sample illumination with the flexibility and scalability to be tailored to your specific fluorescence microscopy applications.

X-Cite® 120LED represents everything you expect from X-Cite®, plus everything you ever wanted in a light source – the superior optical performance of the X-Cite® 120 combined with the mercury-free benefits of long-life LED technology. No compromise required./p>

  • Direct Coupling Without Vibration

    The innovative thermal management design of the X-Cite® 120LED allows direct coupling to the microscope for maximum power without adding mechanical vibration. Electronic shuttering provides sub-millisecond operation while avoiding the vibration and failure risk of mechanical shutters.

  • Electronic Shutter and Silent Thermal Management

    Fanless, high output LED head design and lack of shutter noise make for virtually silent operation, providing an optimal work environment for microscopists, while at the same time allowing for maximum precision in vibration-sensitive imaging experiments.

  • Multiple Control Options for Maximum Flexibility

    X-Cite® 120LED offers complete automation for multi-day time-lapse experiments and simple ergonomic manual control via speedDIAL. Take full advantage of LED instant ON/OFF capability to limit photobleaching and phototoxicity with ultra-fast PC control or TTL triggering. X-Cite® 120LED can be driven by commercial imaging software, and an SDK is available for developing customized control solutions.

  • Ergonomic Fingertip Control

    X-Cite® 120LED’s ergonomic speedDIAL can be placed where it is most comfortable for individual users. With a large speed-sensitive intensity dial that doubles as an ON/OFF button, controlling illumination is quick and intuitive. Always know the current intensity setting regardless of room lighting conditions via speedDIAL’s backlit display. Quickly jump to a favorite intensity setting with a double-tap on speedDIAL.

  • Ready When You Are!

    With instant-on capability, X-Cite® 120LED is ready to use within seconds, giving researchers the freedom to set the schedule. Whether fluorescence is required occasionally, daily or continuously, X-Cite® 120LED will be ready.