Prior NanoScanZ Piezo

  • 400µm of Travel
  • Accuracy/Linearity of 0.5% of Travel
  • Stage Control via Analog (0-10 VDC) USB and RS232
  • Output-Position Signal 0.0-10.0V
Prior Scientific proudly introduces the latest innovation in microscope automation - the NanoScanZ Piezo Stage System. With 400 micron travel, the NanoScanZ is well suited for researchers producing rapid Z sections and 3D images of live cells and other specimens grown in well plates and other large sample dishes.
  • 400 micron travel
  • Large well plate format
  • Nanometer level repeatability
  • Closed loop control utilizing sub-angstrom resolution piezo resistive sensor
  • Compatibility with software already programmed to control piezo objectives
  • Flexibility to create Z stacks with multiple objectives