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* Monthly payment calculations are approximate for budgetary purposes. Final monthly payments will be determined upon final approval and credit check.

**Maximum $950k, Lease are split between lenders

To start the approval process please provide the following information:

Option#1: Application Only,please provide the following information:

-Complete Credit Application & signed proposal(Download from below)

-Copy of the quote

-First page of the last 3 months of the company's bank statement(used to determine the average bank balance)

Option#2:Full Disclosure, please submit the above information plus:

Last 2 years corporate financial statement & tax returns(if not reviewed or audited)

-Interim and prior year comparative financial statement

-Last 2 years of tax returns & a personal information statement from the shareholders(no older than 90 days)


Your acknowledge that the terms and conditions of the proposal are satisfactory by signing and returning it to JH Technologies. This proposal is based on current like ICE swap rates. For any increase in like term ICE swap rates , a reciprocal charges will be made to the lease rate factor.

The borrower will be required to pay a documentation and inspection charges and reimburse any fees assessed for necessary lien search required to obtain clear title to the equipment. Terms are subject to credit review and documentation by ICR or affiliate; approvals are valid for 60 days and payments are fixed at funding