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Student Friendly Scanning Electron Microscopes

For many manufacturers and researchers scanning electron microscopes have proved to be a valuable assest for their analysis needs. Today SEM’s are more capable than ever, with development continuing. With the advent of table-top and compact instruments SEM’s are also becoming more affordable.

This is exciting news for educators. No longer do you need to apply for million dollar grants because you can get an affordable SEM. And these are not the bare bones stripped down versions of higher end SEM’s, but rather fully featured SEM’s incorporating SE and BSE detectors, EDS for elemental analysis, and even EBSD.

COXEM manufacturers table-top and compact SEM’s that are simple, easy-to-use with friendly software. Perfect for many applications and especially well suited for student use and education where you can give your students an entre into the world of SEM imaging preparing them for their next career step.

We support many teaching institutions with over 2000 systems installed world-wide.

Below is a list of such institutions in just North America:
  • Central Methodist University
  • Central State University
  • University of Texas
  • U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
  • United States Military Academy
  • University of North Texas
  • University of Massachusetts – Amherst
  • University of Akron
  • Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Lorain County Community College
  • Lincoln University of Missouri
  • Kansas State University
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Gillette College
  • University of Wisconsin- Madison