EBSD with Benchtop SEM for under $200K

coxem em-40 front view image


May 16, 2024 to October 30, 2024


Get a demo of the only Compact SEM with EBSD. Fill out the form below and we will schedule an appointment to provide an introductory demonstration of this powerful materials analysis package for under 200k. 

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Free demonstration of how EBSD and EDS function on a low cost benchtop SEM.

A New Game-Changing Benchtop Electron Microscope with EBSD

EM-40 – Newest Addition to the Coxem SEM Family with EBSD

The EM-40 is the newest addition to Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) by Coxem. Building on the success of the EM-30 line, the EM-40 sets new standards for compact, benchtop, and desktop SEMs by offering you advanced features typically found only in larger, more expensive models.

5th Generation Signal Processing—High-quality imaging at frame rates up to 13 fps, and four imaging modes to suit various applications.

Versatile Imaging Capabilities—50 to 150,000x magnification, large depth of field, and selectable accelerating voltages.

Image Under Vacuum Conditions—The EM-40 is suitable for diverse applications, including materials science, energy research, life sciences, and biological imaging.

Efficient Stage and Pump Systems—The 3-axis motorized stage accommodates samples up to 55mm in diameter and 37mm in height, the rotary and turbo molecular pumps enable fast transition from loading to imaging in under 3 minutes.

NanoStation 5.0 Software—Features automated functions for simplified operation and precise image analysis.

Multi-Detector Options—Allows individual or composite imaging for comprehensive chemistry and microstructure understanding.

Enhanced Analysis Options—Optional STEM detector and CoolStage plus a wide selection of EDS and EBSD capabilities.

Multilingual Interface—Ready for a global audience.