Ivesta Upgrade, Get More Promotion


August 1, 2024 to October 31, 2024


Ivesta 3 Integrated Body: US Price $3690.

Ivesta 3 Integrated Body: Upgrade promotion price $2988, P/N 10450981

Customer Value

Customers can upgrade the Leica S9i with the newest Ivesta 3 Integrated microscope at a heavily discounted price. Upgrade includes:

  • See more by going from 1080 to 4k live image resolution
  • Better quality image capture going from 4MP to 12MP image resolution
  • Encoded optics with intergated on-screen measurement and auto calibration
  • No PC required (only need 4k monitor)
  • New easy-to-use Enersight software platform for both desktop and display
  • Use with any IOS or Android device, PC or MAC with free app
  • Upgrade any Microscope with Ivesta
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